We’re back for another #MeetTheTeam Monday with Catalyst’s Director of Salesforce Architecture, Bryant Daniels. 

Bryant’s interest in tech sparked when he saw the movie “Hackers.” After watching, Bryant’s mom bought him a computer, on which he created a virus…which ultimately broke it! However, that experience led to a series of other “techie” projects that inspired Bryant’s choice to choose a tech-related path once he got to college.  

Bryant has been a key player in the implementation of the City of Chicago’s modernized 311 system, so naturally, his most memorable moment at Catalyst thus far relates to CHI311. After CHI311’s December 2018 launch, Bryant recalls walking through the airport and hearing a couple behind him talking about how cool the new CHI311 app and Community Portal were! In that moment, it hit Bryant that his work at Catalyst has positively impacted the lives of Chicago constituents.  

I don’t know about you, but we’ll be watching the movie “Hackers” tonight. Thanks for sharing, Bryant!