Today, we’re delighted to share more about our Director of Enterprise Architecture, Rayshaun Cleveland. In this role, Rayshaun first identifies pain points in clients’ current business processes and then designs IT solutions that address and fix current problems while taking into account business growth and future overall business landscape.  

Rayshaun cites his most memorable experiences at Catalyst as the times when he got into the “nitty gritty,” deconstructing applications line-by-line and object-by-object and analyzing why and when it’s more feasible to build a new expandable application versus enhancing a legacy system.  

Rayshaun offers three pieces of advice that will guarantee one constantly grows: learn, ask questions, and share.  

Outside of his Catalyst work, you can find Rayshaun playing FPS Games (like Halo, COD, Quake, CS, and L4D), teaching esoteric history and real estate courses, drawing, painting, creating music, and producing beats.