Today we launch a new weekly feature – Meet the Team Monday! We’re so thrilled to share more about our extraordinarily talented team with you all. Let’s get started with one of our stellar Salesforce Solution Architects, Venkat Jasti 

As a Solution Architect, Venkat is responsible for strategizing the best use of Salesforce-based solutions, implementing the Salesforce platform for a variety of clients in ways that most optimally meet their needs, and providing technical documentation to guarantee that new users of the solution feel confident and self-sufficient in navigating the new technology.  

Working intimately with the Salesforce platform is a natural succession to Venkat’s interests; he notes he has always been fascinated by cloud technologies and pursued a cloud-oriented path of study while in college. 

Venkat fondly recalls December 2018 as his most memorable experience at Catalyst thus far. Our team was just days away from launching a Salesforce solution for the City of Chicago to modernize the City’s 311 system. Inspired by the atmosphere of teamwork, Venkat learned first-hand how his peers at Catalyst could guide him to handle high-pressure environments and get the job done!   

Outside of work, you can find Venkat playing pool, reading, and relaxing in a quaint, peaceful location.