Wishing you a happy Women in Tech Tuesday…from Florida! We’re in Sarasota for the 2019 @agccp_311 conference, and today we’re spotlighting one of our Project Managers at the conference, Chelsie Gates. 

Chelsie was driven to work in tech after a printer mishap during her undergraduate years. After a printer inconveniently broke as she was trying to print a mid-term, she knew she wanted to work in the tech industry and do whatever she could to make technology easier to use and understand. 

The accessibility of technology is of the utmost importance to Catalyst and our clients. That said, Chelsie’s commitment to making tech more consumable for folks of all levels of technical sophistication has made her the integral team member that she is.  

Outside of the office, you can find Chelsie traveling back to her native Alabama, as well as spending time with her new puppy, Ollie.